GULF® Salt Can Product


GULF Salt Can Product Description

There are two common types of table salt that are popular in households, grocery stores, and food service establishments. These are plain and iodized. GULF Salt also offers an iodized version. GULF Salt has a reputation for making high-quality products for both supermarkets and restaurants. Their premier round can salt is no exception to this.

GULF Salt Can Product Details

Salt as a product comes in many different forms. Often, it’s left relatively unrefined ,so that you still benefit from the many essential nutrients it has to offer.

However, you don’t always need to get these nutrients from salt. In fact, salt is most commonly used to add flavor to a meal instead. When the taste is paramount, it’s vital that this is the focus.

GULF round can salt is an exceptional, quality product. GULF is responsible for supplying many large grocery stores, and food establishments are a result.

This quality product originates in a salt mine. Once it has been mined, it is refined in order to reduce the nutrients in it. This is to focus on the flavor and what it can add to a meal instead. At this point in the process, iodine is added to some of the salt, and this product is sold as iodized salt.

The plain round can version is excellent for restaurants and home use. It is subtle in flavor and the ideal companion for any savory meal.

GULF plain salt comes in a blue, 26-ounce can, so it’s recommended that you order it in bulk.

GULF® Plain Salt

Ordering Plain GULF Salt

Our GULF Salt Can is guaranteed to make your life easier. Designed for easy access, our plain salt will soon become a staple accompaniment to many meals dished up in popular food service establishments.

Since each round can is 26 ounces, as mentioned, it’s advised that GULF salt is bought in bulk. Keep those grocery shelves stocked, and those dining tables prepared for dinner and experience the difference with our high-quality plain salt.

GULF salt has the retailer and the restaurateur in mind. The better quality your salt is, the more satisfied your customers will be. Contact us today and learn more.

GULF® Iodized Salt Can


GULF Iodized Salt Can Product Description

Salt is one of the most common food products. It is used by almost everyone in the food industry, and when you’re running a grocery store or a restaurant, bulk iodized salt is what you need.

GULF Iodized salt is a reputable brand that lays down the precedent for good quality wholesale iodized salt.

GULF Iodized Salt Can Specifications

GULF round can iodized salt is a premier product widely used within the food industry. We produce it in our popular 26-ounce round cans, which all of our wholesalers find to be ideal.

Both food service establishments and grocery stores benefit from buying bulk iodized salt, especially if it’s GULF. As well as being an essential ingredient in most meals, our salt supplies iodide, which is a necessary nutrient for everyone.

GULF food grade salt is directly derived from salt mines. It is a form of table salt, which is one of the most popular types of sea salt. Our salt is mined and refined in order to appeal to the broad palate of our retailers.

GULF salt is available both in iodized and plain forms. Iodine has been added to our salt so that you benefit from the nutrition.


GULF® Iodized Salt

Ordering Wholesale Iodized Salt

With table salt being one of the most popular forms of salt available today, it’s no wonder that food service establishments and supermarkets require the bulk purchase of it.

GULF iodized salt in 26-ounce round cans are available to buy in bulk for the wholesale market. Stock up on your favorite brand of table salt here and never face an empty shelf again.

You can also make the most of our store locator if you’re trying to find your closest grocery store that stocks GULF salt. Our product is an excellent addition to the dining table and can be used to complement any meal.

Flavor House Iodized Salt Can


USC produces table salt in 26 oz. round cans for sale to the food industry. We offer both plain and iodized. The Flavor House label is one of many labels we produce found in grocery stores and food service establishments.

Flavor House Plain Salt Can


USC produces table salt in 26 oz. round cans for sale to the food industry. We offer both plain and iodized. The Flavor House label is one of many labels we produce found in grocery stores and food service establishments.