Iodized or Plain Salt: What’s the difference?

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  • Difference Between Iodized and Regular Salt

Iodized or Plain Salt: What’s the difference?

When you buy salt, you often have a choice of plain salt or iodized. What is iodized salt? This is a type of table salt made by spraying regular salt with a tiny amount of potassium iodate. The end result is a product that looks like normal salt but has a few extra ingredients. The majority of table salt used in modern times is actually iodized. Here’s what you should know about iodized salt and regular salt.

What Are the Benefits of Iodized Salt?

The primary iodized salt benefits are that it provides people with iodine. Iodine is an element needed in trace amounts to maintain normal health, but it is not found in the normal diet. Since it can be added to a common food item without altering the taste, it is an easy way to get iodine in the diet. The main answer to “why is salt iodized” is simply to prevent goiters caused by iodine deficiency. However, it also helps to combat other lesser known symptoms of iodine deficiency like thyroid problems, squinting, deafness, breast cysts, and developmental disorders.

Does Normal Salt Have Any Advantages?

With all the iodized salt benefits, you might be wondering why some places even create salt without iodine. Non-iodized salts are not made because iodine is dangerous or tastes different. Instead, they are just necessary for people who want to pickle or brine items with salt. Iodine can be oxidized and cause a harmless darkening of foods over time, so people want to be able to preserve the initial appearance of the food. You can also use normal salt in any situation where you would use iodized salt. Though it does not provide iodine, it does give you the sodium you need to maintain the water and electrolyte balances inside your body.


What’s the Main Difference Between Iodized and Regular Salt?

To tell the difference in iodized salt vs regular, you would need to look at it on a chemical level. Both types of salt taste the same, look the same, and feel the same. However, the iodized salt has potassium iodate in it, along with some dextrose and anti-caking agents.These additive are necessary because otherwise the potassium iodide may evaporate or cause clumping.


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