Not All Salt is the Same | Food Grade Salt Explained

//Not All Salt is the Same | Food Grade Salt Explained
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Not All Salt is the Same | Food Grade Salt Explained

Food Grade Salt Explained

There are a number of different types of salt. In fact, salt has many different uses. Salt is used to flavor food, to make beauty and health products, and even to get rid of salt on icy roads and sidewalks. Salt can be used to help grow your garden, can be used as a cleaner and can even boost hair growth. But not all salt is created equal. In fact, salt varies widely in its type and functions.

The Difference Between Food-Grade Salt and Other Salt

There is a very distinct difference between the salt used for flavoring food, also known as food-grade salt and salt that is intended for other applications. Salt is a very important part of our everyday life. We need salt not only because it is useful but because it is a very important and even essential part of our health and bodies.

Epsom salts are used to soak tired muscles, and the body will absorb magnesium, which is an important nutrient for proper function. Magnesium helps the body to maintain afood grade salt healthy balance in the function of the nerves, bones, and muscles. It also assists cellular metabolism and helps to keep the heart healthy as well.

Unlike the salt that you use for everyday uses such as cleaning or keeping your driveway free from ice, food grade salt is a much higher grade of salt and will greatly enhance the flavor of your food and beverages.

Our Bodies Need Salt

food grade salt for healthAlthough it is important to eat salt in moderation, consuming the proper amount every day can offer great health benefits. Sodium helps to maintain a healthy balance of fluid in the body and is also needed to transport nutrients into the cells in our bodies. It is recommended to get about 200 milligrams of sodium every day to maintain a balanced and healthy body.

Food Grade Salts Offer Many Benefits

Food grade salts such as Tru-Flo, GULF, and Flavor House are specifically made for consumption and has many great qualities such as uniform crystal size, is fast-dissolving, and will also produce a clear brine. These food grade salts also meet the high standards of the FDA and the Food Chemical Codex. They are also products that are annually certified kosher. There are a number of different Tru-Flo products for all your needs, such as Untreated, Evaporated, and LCM high purity salt. You can also choose from Iodized salt and even plain salt.


The Many Uses of Salt

There is a type of salt for virtually any and every use such as pool salt, industrial salt, agricultural and water softening salts. Food-grade salts can be used to flavor a wide variety of foods such as vegetables, meat, eggs, and many baked and cooked dishes. Without salt, many of your favorite foods would be bland and dull. Salt helps to liven up boring dishes and to add a nice hint of flavor to pretty much everything that we eat.


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