Sea & Land® Evaporated Salt


USC Sea & Land® Evaporated Salt is our high purity salt used in food processing and for human consumption. It is a minimum 99.9% NaCl and contains virtually no insolubles. Our USC food grade products are uniform in crystal size, are fast dissolving, and produce a clear brine. The product meets or exceeds FDA and Food Chemical Codex standards.

Sea & Land® Solar Brining and Blending Salt


Sea & Land® Solar Brining and Blending Salt is a pure white crystalline salt selectively harvested from a crystallized salt bed in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The product is made from saturated brine on a 2,000-acre salt lake using the natural energy of the Sun. After reaching their optimum size, the crystals are harvested, triple-washed; evenly kiln dried, and screened produce the proper gradation.